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In recent times, a common amenity that’s present in the average household is air conditioning. What many can call an essential part of the home, air conditioning will help you remain comfortable any time of the year. Be it a hot summer or a cold winter, air conditioning will keep you cosy through those times. […]

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3 Secrets About Air Conditioning Services

With comfort being a huge priority in modern times, there are a lot of things one needs to do in order to make a home more comfortable to live in. It can serve as a good learning experience for those who need a little bit more know-how in home improvement. Perhaps one of the best […]

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Do You Want to Get Your Aircon Checked? Here are Three Things to Consider When Looking for an Air Conditioning Service

Being comfortable at home is the entire point of owning a home. One way to be comfortable is to make sure your aircon is working properly. Keeping temperatures at a level you want them to be is what an air conditioner should do. Air conditioners help make a place cooler or warmer as seasons come […]

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Ducted Air Conditioning – The Right Choice for Your Sydney Home?

As we go through some of the hottest months of the year, it’s important to remember our most valuable appliance during days we would otherwise melt: air conditioners. There’s a good reason why aircons are a mainstay in the average Australian home. However, questions arise regarding energy consumption, environmental sustainability, and financial feasibility. The reality […]

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Choosing ducted or split for your home?

Ducted VS Split System Air Conditioning There are many people who feel like the Australian summer can be way too hot to simply run around with a water hose to cool down. The need for a good air conditioning system is huge and this is going to allow you to go on with your life […]

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Split System Service

We can check operating temperatures (Air on/off)
Clean inside evaporator unit (coils and fins)
Inspect & replace any parts that need to be fixed, subject to the parts & issue as the price will vary.
Clean condenser exterior (casing of outside unit)
Examine safety controls
Ensure airconditioning unit is functioning


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